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Who is a good learner in politics?

Many are just bureaucrats.

 Bureaucrats need not learning. They have a steady path to walk on.  Obama was one. He seemed to have known all. He never needed learning anything new.  

There was one very good learner in history. He was Peter the Great. He had disguise as a workman to work in a European ship company to learn the Western skills. But he was not a really good learner. Because he did not like abstract thoughts. He never liked theories and may be he did not  like reading. If he had read more, Russia will be number one  today. 

Donald Trump is another good learner. It is too early yet to say he is really good or not. But he is surely not a bureaucrat.  He learns and he changes. 

I do hope he is more then a learner. If he had learned something and suited himself into the old path, then he would be a successor to the bureaucrats only. 

I hope he can be an achiever. He can bring the United States and the world into a better place. 


(#the author is a question raiser. He has raised more then 9000 questions. He is an expert  on cultures and he is a qi master as well as a song writer. )