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How did a fairy tale of Princess Diana turn ugly?


Fairy Tales are of utmost importance in human life. They give us wisdom and beauty and hope. 

At a certain day in July 1981, I happened to be in London and witnessed the grand marriage of the Prince and the Princess. I was very excited by that time. 

And time is somewhat similar to space. 

Distance makes differences. The longer the time, the farther the space, keep you away from the gossip, and you are a step nearer to the true facts.

I was in Hong Kong several decades after the marriage. I heard little about the gossips. May be I had avoided them. All that happened in my mind was a good fairy tale .The Prince and the Princess finally got married and they were living happily ever after.

And fairy tales are very important. They were real hopes.  

If by one day, even the fairy tales cannot exist anymore, you wonder, what had actually happened in our ugly life. 

By the year 1997, the Princess was dead.

And the fairy tale was broken. It cannot exit in the hearts of modern people. 
Truth was disappeared.

All sorts of grief and all sorts of lies and misconceptions and everything are coming to cover from every angle.  

So the fairy tale is dead. 

And this is the modern world. It is just like that.  All are realities and no fairy tales.

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