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What is wrong to underestimate something ?


Another ancient Chinese wisdom:  You should never underestimate the very young though you can always bully the very old.

And we can change that:  You should never underestimate science and technology though you can always neglect literature and history. 

This is a rather subtle subject. As for me, I will never neglect literature and history, as these are the real causes of politics. 

However, science and technology can be very dangerous. Do not underestimate them. 

Is it possible to hide a nuclear device somewhere in New York or Boston or Washington? The North Koreans would detonate them whenever they feel like to do so?

Or hide some war chemical devices and ignite them? 

The scientists in US should have done their homework long ago. And their opinions are very unlikely.   

But what if it was underestimated? 

The Koreans had links to Malaysia long ago. And Malaysia is a place to link up US.  They must have used that connection to send things and people into the US. Is it possible? 

All of the above sound absurd. But is it possible that one day, the absurd will become reality?  

And the rest is the North Korean Army. It was said that they have reached 1 million. And this figure is not to be neglected. Is there an absolute way to stop them entering South Korea? Have the Americans produced enough robots to combat them?  

Xi and Trump must have known all of the above. They must have discussed them. 

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