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what is culture complex?

A complex is NOT when every body is thinking the same. I said yesterday that a complex is when every one shares the same thought, but it needs more elaboration.

There might be individual thoughts in every culture. Some agree and some disagree. A complex is when a major issue becomes the only concern, than there will be no other issue. 

Moral in China is an example.

When the issue of moral arises, all other issue was forgotten. Moral had become the dominant issue. Every other issue served the main issue, though the people living under such dominant thought might choose to be immoral as the opposite of thought was bound to happen simultaneously. 

However, no matter one is moral or not moral, there will be the only horizontal plain for him to rest his mind. He is supposed to think only in the plain. He may choose to be different, but it will be painful and lonely. He can hardly change anything, though sometimes he is the only hope. 

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