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How much money should be used on the Middle East?

Each of the Tomahawk missile costs about 1 million. The total operation of the bombing at the Syria target would cost more than 59 million dollars. 

But the point is the purpose. What is the purpose of the military action?

Should it be to the final defeat of the so-called IS?

And there might be other considerations. What if IS is defeated?  Will there be new form of terrorists? 

Will there be other organizations arose and replaced the defeated IS?

The purpose of the action in Middle East should be two-dimensional:  one is to eliminate hatred; other is to settle disputes in different paradigms.

Each dollar used on battlefield, should be backup 10 times in other field, such as medicine, education, economy, and even entertainment. That is a very   basic global cost. 

The ultimate goal should not be defeating terrorists only. It should be eliminating hatred. 

Can the Americans defeat IS? Maybe. Will there be other forms of terrorist after the IS?

The answer is positive.  

How much money should be used on the Middle East?  The answer is 1 to 10. For each dollar used on the military, 10 times should be on other field. 

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