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What is the nature of a nuclear crisis?


It happens in the gaps of powers.

If there are no gaps, then there will be no crisis. 

The world is composed by powers. The major powers to day are that of the US, Russia, and China.

These powers are like huge plates of earth. They are crushing each other every day.

And that produces gaps. 

And the gaps let the unwanted items grow, like the extreme religion and now, the nuclear crisis.

Why are they crushing each other? 

Because they have different aims. 

They are not moving in the same direction.

From this understanding, one could find the solution to the nuclear crisis. 

One is to have a similar direction for all the powers. 

Two is to get together to work out a plan.

Three is to take the steps slowly. 

Put the poisonous frog into some warm water. Do not boil it. 

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