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Are the Russians 'complicit' or 'incompetent' ?

US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said on a CBS program Face the Nation, Russia was either complicit or incompetent to prevent the Syrian Government use chemical weapons on a rebel-held town in Syria.  

Were the Russians incompetent to control the Syrian Government? Or they were part of the plot to use chemical weapons? 

Mr. Tillerson said, or they got outwitted. That meant he did not believe the Russian was the one to choose chemical weapons. He thought the Russians were just incompetent. 

But it might also be a problem of different paradigms. 

The Russians were not in the same mindset with the Americans.

If they are in the same mindset, the problem must have been solved already.

And there will not be problems of the IS either. 

Different mindset brought in the different approach. Why did the Syrian Government choose to use the deadly gas? Do they have other options? 

Many terrorists prefer to die to throw out a bomb. And the Syrians prefer to use gas. It is completely different thoughts and paradigms. If the Russians and Americans do wish to solve the problem in the Middle East, they have to think from the inner side of the whole problem. They were not tough enough to handle the issues. If they were tough enough, they will dig deeper into it.     

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