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What is the feeling of no shame?

What is the feeling of no shame?
(Quest No.8236e     2011 0909 Friday)
 Shame is the opposite of glory. When you feel that you are glorious, you will have no shame. Even you are poor, and wear shabby clothes, broken shoes; but you have the best judgement for yourself, you will not feel anything uneasy.

To have the best judgement of oneself, is very important. It is because you have much stronger support in your soul. You do not need diamonds, medals, and titles to show that you are something. Your inner feeling will tell you, you are something. You know you have done something great, and you are justified and happy. This sense of glory is so bright that all other things, including your shabby clothes are shining in the light.

Being poor is not success itself. We all need enough sources to live and to work. No one is aiming at being poor. But the interesting point is that why some people are poor, but they do not have the shame feeling.

It is because, they are really successful people, like Mother Teresa.

Success is not achievement. Success is contribution and dedication. When you have done something great, a sense of glory will rise. The sense is coming directly from the success itself. You know it is registered somewhere in the eternality. You know you are the son of Him. And He is the Lord of the universe. Your success cannot be ripped away. You are happy, and you are not concerned with what you will get from the earthy matters, you have gained what you want. You are glorious, and you feel no shame.

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