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9023  美俄中三結合,好處何在?  20170215

在美俄中三者而言, 美國始終是最大的國家。這是文化上一早決定了的。中國和俄國,雖然在經濟上有很大的增長,但如果和美國相比,還是相去很遠。當前的財富數字不是絕對的,甚至有一天,三國的財富數字變化,有的國家意外超前,但美國仍是最大國。



美俄中三國聯手, 並不是容易的事情。如果有人自大,聯手就不可能。表面上,三國都各有自己的盤算,不容易相信對方,必定會互相防範。但這不是最重要的。





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i agree with your analysis of possible Us-Russia-China alliance and its benefit to the world. The genius of Wall street in developing financial products, the Russian genius in selling it abroad, and China genius in adopting the techniques for Asia usage. When these combined, it makes economy stronger.

But i am doubtful if such alliance could,and do work in practice. Between three countries mentioned is a deep divide which, i believe, no politicians in modern days could succeed in closing this divide, if not narrowing it. Remember the North Eastern, Xinjiang and Mongol conflict between China and Russia? a Hundred year long conflict already, this conflict has no end in sight, and when mentioned, frequently excite the hatred in both countries people against each other. Remember it is Ukraine and Syria conflict that divide US and Russia? They cannot even agree between themselves which is the legitimate government, and which is right geographical boundary of these nations. Remember it is the Alibaba success and China strengthening of military that divide US and China? US and China cannot even agree between themselves which business model they adopt is best for mutual benefit, not even the world. They cannot agree on any possible settlement on dispute arisen from so called theft of assets in those countries- For China, it is the China corrupted officials shifting of assets oversea, for US, it is the theft of high technology to Chinese.

Under such circumstance it is not advisable to have pushed forward the hope for such grand alliance as you have mentioned. Pushing for such grand alliance may meet the same bad fate as another great politician of China, Mr Yuan, in pushing forward then a grand alliance of Germany, US and China, after the great defeat in 1901. Yuan failure not only cost china a chance to work with those countries, but also the suspicions of other powerful nations, like United kingdom. Such suspicions later adds to the difficulty on which Chinese administration after Yuan times has to face, as China is now known as plotting against their nation interests. We must be careful in advocating such grand alliance that we respect other nations right and we work for their benefits, when such alliance is being built.'