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Will there be a soul in the alien?

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If you ever have a chance to meet an alien, be sure to check with the alien, if he has got a soul or not. 

What? How can I even check with another human being to see whether he has got a soul? How can I be sure that an alien has a soul?

And this is not a joke. It is important. 

   It's the difference of the East and the West. The Chinese way seemed to be more aware of the inner side while their counterpart in the West seldom cares about it. 

For, if we are sure that an alien has a soul same as we human beings, then, we can be sure that the Universe itself is composed of two parts, one being the external and materialistic side of things, and the other is the spiritual and  inner part of the Universe. 

It would help to see if there is a God in the Universe. If the aliens got souls also, then they might have their own God. And their God could possibly  be same with our God, if you think similarly. 

Now, if the aliens are soulless, that would hint for another resolution.

With anything which has a soul, you can communicate with it. Even the soul is a devil, still you can handle with your skill and wisdom. 

If the alien has got no soul at all, and that means they have no inner side. That would be a totally new challenge to our wisdom. 

As we always believe that even a beast has a soul, only that its soul might be controlled by a demon. 

Will there be any creature in the Universe has no soul at all? 

That is interesting. It brings us back to the reality: That we are humans, and that we have souls. 

And if we do have souls, then we would try to understand ourselves more. 

Interested points are: How is the soul of my best friend? And how is the soul of my enemy? Can you know them or beat them if you never have explored their souls?

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