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How to acquire energy from Mozart, Shakespeare or Tolstoy?

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If you feel fresh or even enlightened from them, you may or may not have acquired energy from them. May be you are a little smarter or feel relaxed, or even excited but still, you have acquired very few of their energy. And you will not be as talented as they had been. 

It won't be so easy to acquire the much treasured energy from a talent. 

However, energy was still there pending for someone to extract. Energy would not have been gone with the talents into another world. The talented people may be gone, but their talent stayed. It was always there. 

And this is the most important secret about the world. The world is composed of two things. One is the inner spirit or enengy, the other is the external material. Materials will not be gone, it is still in the planet earth in another form. And the same is with the inner spirits. They will not be gone. They are still here with you and me. 

Can you acquire some of them and feel stronger? Yes, that is possible. 

The only question is HOW. How am I to acquire some talented spirit and be as talented as the talents? 

Yes that is easy. You laugh together with them and more importantly, you weep with them. You feel shocked together with them. You must have the same feeling together with them to acquire their wisdom and energy. 

That means, you must have seen the same thing with them. You saw what they have seen. 

Can you read a great novel and weep together with the author? Can you listen to a piece of great music and weep together with the composer?  Oh yes, you have succeeded in extracting the energy from them. All the best with you. You are and you will be as talented as the geniuses in the world. God bless you. And God will say, thank you. 


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