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What is the significance of the trade war?

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Up till this moment, no one can say the coming trade war is real. It might be unreal. The Chinese and the US might find the situation not satisfactory, and they will settle the matter in a not-so-painful approach. Even if it is real, it will not be a big deal. Its simply a redrawn of the trade map. There will be winner and losers, but the total situation will not be very much different.

Put some red beans and blue beans in a bottle, shake it many times, the outcomes are similar.

The significance is in another severe concern:

The two powers are not going together, no matter the trade war is real or unreal.

They had separated each other.

Red beans in one bottle, blue beans another. The path of human is in a V shape crossroad. They are going different directions. And this is a definite trend, it is nothing to do with the outcome of the trade war.

What is the significance then? What will happen if they are going together and what is wrong if they are not going together?

We the people living in 21st century will all be witnesses for this change.

The US is not going to share their wisdom with the Chinese. They will guard all important scientific research results. We can expect they will not accept Chinese students, if situation is getting worse.  

The powers will lose the chance to build a better human world by combining the left-oriented brain and the right-oriented brain. The US will find it much difficult to look for the inner approach in science and politics. And the Chinese will find it difficult to build an ideal future both internally and externally.

There will be less and less wisdom in the future for the separated powers.

Western culture is always excelling in external studies while their counterpart the Chinese excels in a more complicated way of inner approach. It will be an ideal settlement if they can cooperate, but the chances are slim.

The terms of internal, external or left-right approaches are not new. Most of the thinkers in the world knew it quite well. However, it is difficult to bring the countries together in a wilder aspect with a real understanding of the nature of the Universe.

With the quick development of the artificial intelligence, people will doubt if it is the end of the external approach of technology. When you can do almost all the things with a robot, what else is needed.

Man has become redundant.

Yet we still have questions. We need real art and we want spiritual and mind satisfaction. We are eager for a higher level of wisdom to see the future. We wish to know where we are going and why. That is a big deal. Total cooperation of the nations to face the coming difficulties are most welcome.

Who can bring the powers together in the crossroad?

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