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What is a “Soft War”?

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The "Soft war" Strategy is an age old secret policy of the US. It was developed in the second world war and was used in China during that time. 

Before you fight a hard war with anyone, first you prepare a "soft war", and this is the wisdom of the wise United State politicians. 

In the soft war, secret agencies will occupy most of the mind machines and the machine operators in the country. During the times of the second war, it was known as an ideology war. But the term is not so correct when the tides of ideologies were faded away. 

Secret agencies will demonize the enemies, and sanctify the western values. They will use different tactics to control the media and most important of all, to control the voice leaders. 

And that was cheap. Much cheaper then the use of missiles. 

The recent Syrian war was a total failure of the soft war tactic. The United States had lost both the soft war and hard war in Syria. 

However, the same soft tactics were used in China, Taiwan and Hong Kong. And the results were obvious. 

If you go into any one of the book stores in China today and ask for a copy of "Dream of the Red Chamber", you will see the author of the book is "Cao Xue Qin", which was a wrongly assigned name by Hu Shi, who was the most important soft war leader for the United States since the second World War. He was offered 35 honorary PHDs from most of the western Universities and was considered as a voice leader. His influence was still strong not only in Taiwan, but in mainland China. And that was why, the most important book of the traditional Chinese culture was still under the spell of him. 


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