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What is the problem with Artificial Intelligence?

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Artificial Intelligence is mainly left-brained. And robots in the modern world are also left-brain-robots. 

They can use only external and logical method to approach anything. 

Artificial Intelligence can win a chess game. But it cannot guarantee that they can win a war. That is because, a chess game is confined in a calculable situation. But wars are always not calculable. You must use a mind to examine all the situation.

If you go into a super-market, you will find all items are calculable. Therefore, you can do away human staffs in a super-market. And same are  banking and stock markets. Any calculable factor could be counted and managed. We can expect a major shift of the business world soon. You can witness what will happen when most of the engineers and bankers and business accountants lose their job and see how the Government handle the coming problem. 

And people will tell you that is easy. There will not be governments in the future. There will be only huge computers that can handle all the works of a government. 

But that will not be true. Because, to be a government, it needs a "mind" to handle the internal factors as well as other factors. And all internal factors were not calculable. 

The difficult part is medical science. Can you put a patient into a machine and let the machine do all the diagnoses and administrate drugs and do operations? If you walk in a machine hospital, robots will come to greet you and strip your clothes and wash you and put you into machines to fix your problem right away. Your family member can wait at the exit way of the machine to take you or your corpse back, if they still want it. But this is only one-sided imagination. As no robots are total-brainers, they are all left brainers and cannot handle internal matters. And that is a fatal weakness of robots. Machine hospitals will never come true. 

Now you might ask, what is internal and what is external?

Here is an example. You can cut an orange into 4 pieces or even 400 pieces but you are still in the external side of the orange. You can drill a hole in the earth to reach deep into the earth, but you are not in the internal side of the earth. You can open a heart of a patient and you are still in the outside. 

Is there a way to go into the inner realities?

Numeral designs failed. Rockets exploded, air-planes proofed not safe, and cars could not last. For external calculation, people can design anything in the computer. However, every thing on earth is both internal and external. If you can see only one side of the external measures, you can be sure that you cannot have the whole in-side-out picture of the thing. A complete vision is the pathway to excellence. 

Machines can judge human being with his external measure. But the inner part can only be shown for anther human being who can use his mind.  

AI machines are left-brained. 

By the term of left-brain, it meant a logical way to arrange data. And right-brain meant creation and intuition. Human brain functions are complicated, you cannot avoid using left-sided data in the right-brained intuition or creation. There will not be completely single function of any one side. But the thinking pattern of human can be left-oriented or right-oriented. Its good that Artificial Intelligences are all left-brained. If they can use a mind, machines can dominate the earth. 

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