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The Flower And The Monkey

The monkey was weeping on a tree. He was sad. He was an old monkey. And he just saw his friend left him. His friend was dead. He thought to himself, sooner or later, I will be dead too. He was so sad that his tears were dripping like rain.

Suddenly he heard someone under the tree shouted at him: "Hey, stop crying, your tears were bathing me. " It was a little yellow flower. His tears were like pearls on the center of the flower. The monkey got down and examined the flower carefully. He had never seen a flower before. He saw only fruits. And now, he had found the flower very beautiful. The sun was shining on the pearl, and the flower was holding up the pearl.

He exclaimed: "How beautiful you are, can I bring you home?"

The flower said, "If you like."

The monkey put the flower on his ear. They had a happy time for two days.

On the third day, the monkey found the flower was dying. The yellow color was gone, it was all pale.

The monkey said, "What, aren't you going to die too?"
The flower said, "Yes."

The monkey wanted to cry again.

The flower said, "We never cry."

The monkey said, "Why?"

The flower said, "I know I will be in your mind. "

They were happy together.

The monkey made a song to remember the flower. He would sing the song by every full moon night.

People heard the yelling of the monkey, said: "It is full moon again. " But people can never know, whether the monkey was crying or laughing. It was all the same.

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