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What is tomorrow

9156  What is TOMORROW?  20180216

Here is my new song: 

Tomorrow, we are in the fairyland

Oh my Lord, how come you are so thoughtful

I cannot, believe it is for us all

Let us sing, sing it loudly to the sky.

What is tomorrow?

There will be a tomorrow for all and that is important.

Maybe we can never know exactly what will happen tomorrow.

Everything is happening fast. We are like living in a big river. We flow on the water, but never know where would the water goes.

We are now flowing in a big atmosphere. It is more then politics and science, etc. Maybe we can call it “culture” or something.

In the new atmosphere, some countries are broken and some rich. And our values are changing also. We had become more civilized yet we are very much worried about the younger generations to come. We all share a grand tomorrow, but we have no idea what could be the future.

Up till now, we are dealing with the human affairs only. It seems the ETs are not coming yet. And we are left mainly on our own. There seems to have no other intervention from the above.

Are we left in a human zoo and grow on our own?

It seems so.

What are we going to do?

Love and wisdom are the two main items. However, love is not love if it is not in the scope of countries. Love had been an affair within families and individuals. Countries needed not love countries. What does it mean? |It means that we are not wise enough. Wisdom is not prevailing.

We expect a tomorrow of wisdom.

I hope we all can be wiser.

                     *Leechard Asks*

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