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A letter to a friend who had lost her husband

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I had written a song several years ago which has never had a chance to perform properly for the people who might need that idea.

May I| share the lyrics here with you:

Song title:  We are tomorrow


We are
We are one

Where are we

We are
On the moon

Do you know

What are we
We are tomorrow

Shall we go
Far away

We are one
We shall go

When I said “We are tomorrow”, I was in a desperate situation. I was almost dead for several times. A secret underground political party had tried to kill me, I was nearly escaped several times, yet I do not know whether I will be that lucky next time.

It was in such situation one idea had suddenly sprung up to me. Yes, death is a happy thing. It is like in the airport and you are expecting to go somewhere.


It must be on the “One” of the Universe. I will be a new born baby and tomorrow is there pending more people to join in and do something. So we can say, we are tomorrow.

We are not lonely individuals, we are one. 

We are that grand being on the Universe and we are growing.

In the long run of time, I had “lost” so many which were my grandmother , my mother, my father, my elder brother, my mother in law, my father in law, many of my teachers and my friends, those who had loved me and who had hated me. Now I know they are all there, all of them. All of the past and all of the present, constituted something that is called: “Tomorrow”

Yes, we are tomorrow. The only thing is dedication. We are here not only to live, but to help, to join, to quest, to love.   

The only sorrow is that the song has not had a chance to sing in front of audience. I had sung it once in Indonesia, but my voice was not good enough to carry the idea.

Regards, and I hope I can write more for you.

                         *Leechard Asks*

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