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Why are the Americans feeling insecure?

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They are always pointing somewhere with their guns. It is like in the movies. Someone enters a place of danger and he draws out his gun, pointing to somewhere he feels uncertain. It is  a sense of insecure.


It is because they are rich. And the worse is that when they had done something wrong.

For example, Barrack Obama had secretly listened to the phone of his friend and ally Angela Merkel.

It seems he felt insecure to do that.

Being rich is annoying sometimes.

They  trust no one. Any one can be a potential threat to their money.

The direct result is that rich people cannot find real love as easily as the poor people.

That is why Mother Teresa had once said the United States is a place without love.

And that was only a general idea. Many Americans have love in their mind. But problem is the trend. The trend is on the material side. It is in this trend that the basic American political policy was built.

They are feeling insecure.

There will be no peace on earth, if the problem is not solved.