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What if our brains are shifted left?

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 People are engaged in digital devises more than reading now. It needed a large-scale study on it. However, the trend is obvious.

 There had been a tragic example of grand scale brain shifting before. When the Japanese was separated from the Ancient Chinese Culture, they had created a language using alphabets on the bases of Chinese characters which were not alphabetical. Then the language functions were shifted from the right side of the brain to the left. It was left brain inclined afterwards. And it means they would use left brain calculations more than intuition and the synthesizing ability of the right brain were mostly discarded.

 Calculations could be wrong sometimes. That was a hint of how the 2nd world war decisions were made. If people cannot think properly, they can rely on calculations only and the outcome would be tragical.

 And love is not an outcome of calculation. It is a feeling, not a calculation. And if love is not prevailing on the grand scale of nations, it is not love at all. It means nations must use a higher level of brain-balanced function to treat each other. If not, insecurity could bring in bad results.  

 When you see every body is engaged more on the digital gadgets than books, it is very serious crisis. We must do something to help guide the next generation to a better course.

 Meanwhile, the international affairs were mostly results of calculations. We saw not mush of a balanced mind in the international decisions. Those were talented people in the world affairs, but it seems they are not very much aware of the new situation of brain-shifts.  

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