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What is the aim of the American President ?

9155  What is the aim of the American President  20180127

Leechard says:

In the very early days, he must have discovered a way to win the hearts of the American voters. He had discovered the thoughts of the average American people. It is no easy thing and he did it. But the thoughts of the average American people need not be the right thought for America.

They could be wrong.

It is not the wrong of the American president, but the wrong development of the American culture.

The problem is in the general ideas of what to do and where to go for the average American people.

When you are rich, you want to be richer, that is normal thought. But the really wise would think of an ultimate goal for the country.

Will there be someone to ring the bell and beat the drums for them?

There are and there were. Numerous songs and writings and books had hinted about all that. It needs a big event to alarm the people. The Vietnam War had been one. By the time of the Vietnam War, The American people had a wonderful time of reflection and deep thoughts.

Now it is all over.

What is the aim of the American president now?

If he can find out the real aim of the American people in the past and the future, he could get over the nightmare of being kick off by politicians.

That means he had to win the inner approval of the American people, but not the recent want of the needy and greedy.

The real power lies in the inside sphere of the people. No other politicians can deny the real wish of the people, if someone could bring it to the sunshine. 

The media and even the democrats have to follow and he could easily change the whole scene of the ugly play on air now.

A note from the writer:

A heavy metal rod had fallen 2 feet away from my head in the Main street of Ap Lei Chau in Hong Kong two days ago.

What does it mean?

It meant the secret underground party had not stopped. And they are trying to kill me secretly.  

Not long ago Beijing had an idea of "Deep rooted contradictions in Hong Kong" (深層次矛盾)
I think events like this is one of it.

Secret power in Hong Kong is just too strong.

I cannot publish my books and songs. And I cannot say anything in the media. No one will notice things like this. People are neglecting it willfully. 


 9155  What is the aim of the American President  20180127

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