Letters in Chinese

李察通訊 Letters in Chinese



How come I am so so happy?  


I had been dreaming in my dream.

I thought in my dream.

What is time?

Will there be an end of time?

And of course,  there will be no end of time.  If there were destruction,  then,  there will be something going on after that.  Things will be stiill there.  I meant,  everything will be there,  black or white,  life or dead.......

There will be life........

But the point is not here.

The point is:  Why am I happy?????

I  can tell you,  I am happy.  But why?

It is because,  I am here with the Universe,  and we are together,  and you too.

It is the theory of Zhuang Zi,  or any one sensiable ro feel it.

Time has no end,  and it must be the same with the Space.

Will there be some spirit in it?  There  must be.  Or else,  I will not have the feeling.

It is only a tomato baby,  how can it made me so happy?

Yes ,  we are together.  We are one.

If we are one,  then, we are tomorrow.  

I will show you my song here.  Dont you want desperately to hear it.