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What is the major task of the American people?

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Leechard says:

It was said that they had changed the aim of fighting terrorists to fighting China and Russia.

Thinkers and intellectuals may not agree on the subject. The major aim of a country is not necessary to create an enemy and start fighting them. There are more important things to do. However, the new policy had been declared and we would like to see what will happen in the coming future.

Will there be a new cold war, or even a hot war?

It is very likely. But the point is not here.

The point is: Will the Chinese be stimulated and grow stronger in the war shadow?

Stimulation is a very important factor for growth.

If you erect a long post near a tree, the tree will grow automatically higher. The post is a good stimulation. If the Americans post a threat towards the Chinese and Russian, certainly they will have a stronger spirit to fight back for a living. Now the American is pushing the Chinese and Russia to get together. There will be two camps in the world, like the old days.

Who will be the final winner? Or loser?

Unless the Americans have such a gut to beat China and Russia hard and make them lie down and lose power to fight back and even ruined, otherwise the loser will be the American people.

That means, if you are to fight, you will have to fight it for real, if you are just take fighting as a gesture, it is completely meaningless.

That is why we cannot believe Mr. Trump is for real.  


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