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How can the Chinese get rich so quickly?

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Leechard says:

Many are looking at China with their widely opened eyes feeling perplexed:  How come they can be rich so quickly? When their counterparts in the world were still struggling to learn more Western science, the Chinese had, it seemed, reached destination.

There are inner reasons for it. People who kept themselves in the outside can never discover the inner face. Some of the Hong Kong students and  political activities are more than willing to lie comfortable in the outside sphere and curse everything happened in China.

They refused to read and are reluctant to see. The hypnotizing media and all sorts of secret political groups have been thinking for them. They were well pampered in prejudices. They were too busy eating and enjoying the electronically transmitted entertainment.

Foreign observers were different. They would try desperately to see into the inner core of the reasons why. 

To reach the inner core is no easy thing. The Chinese Culture are just like a big sea. You cannot swim across it without thirty forty years hard reading. And by the end of the years, one would become more perplexed than ever.

As the ancient Chinese minds were covered, disguised and manipulated for thousands of years, literature novels were altered willfully by secret political powers. At least two out of the four greatest Chinese novels were rewritten and altered secretly. All the main stream philosophy works like Zhuang Zi were totally rewritten by Confucian scholars. All ancient myths and stories were willfully neglected.  Faked novels and faked philosophies were everywhere since ancient China.

Where is the original Chinese spirit?  

What is the real essence of China and how can they get rich so quickly?

There are several factors:

Chinese culture is right-brain-approaching, Chinese words are symbols in the right brain and can help them avoid linear thinking.

Chinese has a heritage telling them the inner facts of the human body as well as the universe.

They are better able to understand the problems of in and out, total and specific. They are more easily to have the inner and total approaches to different aspects of life. And now they have the external and specific approaches provided by the Western culture, too. They are armed.  

When they are liberated from the paradigm of moral dictating past by Tang and Xi, they are freed. they can have a healthy growth.

Its difficult for some to accept the fact that the Chinese are freed and armed. And they have become rich.

The Chinese Culture is right-brain-approaching.  This is a complicated thinking habit.  It is nothing to do with logic or reasoning habit. A right-brain-approaching culture can be as logical as the Western people and use reason to think. Right-brain-approaching means to see every thing through a complete scenario. I still hope I could explain the matter in more lengthy descriptions, or even held a seminar to give more details.


                         *Leechard Asks*

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