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What is the major difference in China recently ?

China has completed the shift from an ancient moral paradigm into a modern economy system.

The world has changed since.

The event could only be seen clearly in the contest of a cultural history.

The Indians has been working desperately on the issue of desire and the control of desire. That was and is the basic thinking pattern of the Indians. That was a flow flowing for a few thousand years. Yet the Indians has not decided what to do.

China had been suffering from similar situation. But the major conflict was moral. Moral is a much more complicated matter then desire control. Moral is a total set of behavior control. The ancient Chinese has a believe that Moral is the only issue to keep every thing going. This very thought has been dominant in Chinese history until Tang. Tang was a very important genius to discover a new approach for China.

Now the transformation has been completed by Xi.

And Xi has found a new way for the world.

Early British people had had a way to develop the economy. They had discovered the importance of markets and used Colonialism to solve the problem. When Colonialism was ousted in modern history, the Americans has found more complicated method to dominate the markets in the world. Now the Chinese has a new way. They had discovered a total development is more than market control. In the old times, the British people and American people had maintained a production and marketing relationship. And it was one way and they had keep themselves on the center of everything.

Now Xi has created a free economy zone for all. Any one can joint and it is completely free.

Fast and quick growing can be expected in the very early future.

Yet there is a very serious problem ahead.

The modern civilization has not been renewing itself for too long. There have been no revolutionary changes in mathematics, science, and all kinds of arts since the end of World War Two. We are still using Arabic numbers. We have all the similarities with the past. It will hinder economic grow sooner or later. We have no idea to handle the coming environmental situations.

The Chinese culture is completely different of the Western mind. Yet it is not very well developed. The growth of Chinese medicine is fast, but not fast enough. If it is fast enough, the Chinese mind about the Universe will be shared with the West and we can expect a new approach in all fields of knowledges. We expect some good changes if the Chinese can focus more on this very issue.     

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