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What have I perceived in the Macau Cathedral ?

9146   What have I perceived in the Macau Cathedral   20171101

Leechard says:

The Macau Cathedral is a place I will visit every time I go back there. It is and it was my place of inspiration. 

When I was sitting there quietly last week, a thought stroke me suddenly. 

That you are not you, you are but the soul of the body. 
That you should seek truth, you should know what is going on, what to do, where to go, etc.
That you should dedicate, you should do something. 
That you should love, you should care for your fellow beings, including enemies and neighbors.

All of a sudden, I felt I was the disciple of Jesus and He had instructed a four-line idea for us human beings. 

How can I convey the idea to all? I kept my mind busy for several days. And it is decided that I shall write it down. Shall I ask for the help of Kings and Presidents?

I shall only ask for the help of my readers and no one else. 

If I can really understand the meaning of being a soul but not a body, I will have a completely different mind-set of the whole human affairs. It was the same as a flower. A flower is not a flower, but a form. In thousands of years, the form will emerge into a better shape. In such a perceiving mind, I can easily understand the real truth of life. Life is not to seek money, or a better health or a longer life. Life is not a body, but a soul. It is a very sophisticated idea, but it will be a generally accepted idea of everyone in the near future. The body itself is an image only. The real one is the soul. 

Thus, the body is not true. The soul is true. It is the inner idea of many Eastern or Western philosophers. People would find it absurd, yet it is true. Our image of the world and everything is wrong. It should be up-side-down. 

Therefore, the words of Jesus Christ are understood. That the last is the first. The lowest is the highest. The riches are poor and the poor rich. Children are clever and the wise stupid. 
We will find life meaningful and beautiful, for we can see things not in the shape of material and money, but in its true significance.   

What is the true significance of politics here?

If we can see all the political turmoil in the form of a human soul, what is our resolution? 

The answer is very clear.

If everyone could see things in the prospect of a human soul, they will find life is interesting but not hell like fighting scene. 

We are friends, anyway.

                         *Leechard Asks*

9146   What have I perceived in the Macau Cathedral   20171101

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