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What if you are connected?

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We are souls. We are more than bodies. We are limited bodies powered by souls. And we are connected. We are connected with each other, and we are connected to the universe. 

We are connected in time and in space. 

We are not only individual, but also universal. 

These are most important findings in the East and the West. 

That is why Jesus has told the young man to give up every thing and follow him. When you feel you are universal, you find every thing is within you. May be that is only some misunderstanding of the term "give up". You have not given up every thing. You are only "using up" every means to achieve something. That is the idea from China also. A Chinese poet has said, "All the universe is within me". By such findings, he is no more an individual, but a universal. 

If you have find a real treasure hidden in the field, you are willing to sell every thing to buy that field. For example if you have find oil in the field, and nobody knows it, you are willing to sell all your assets to buy that oil field. 

But what is the real treasure? 

Those not willing to use up strength to achieve anything, are because they have not seen the real treasure, they don't know there is a real treasure. Anyone will be willing to do so if and only if he can see that real treasure. There is an oil field underground. You got to sell every thing to buy it.  

If you know that you are a soul. And if you feel that you are connectable and you are connected you have some thing meaningful and important to work with, you are willing to use up all your strength to do that. 

Then you are free. 

You will have no limitation. 

All the limitation on earth is within the boundary of our body. If you can feel that you are a soul and you can go. 

Actually you are so much free that you can fly. 

All the real talents on earth have the same feeling. The goal is so important and so beautiful he had forgotten all his belongings and everything, he was just like the Olympic runner who has not any second thought and saw only the real beauty ahead and he is the winner. 

He is connected.
We are not talking religion here. People will shy away anytime you talk about supernatural. 

By the term connection, you can find you are connected if you have really appreciated anything beautiful in arts and science on earth. If you find you are connected to the good minds of human beings, you will be really excited. 

Have you enjoy the best of life? 

Ask yourself that very question. Yes have you enjoy the best of life? 

Have you read the best books on earth? Have you enjoyed the best of music? The best of science and best of arts and best of people?

Are you hungry on anything knowledgeable and beautiful?

What if you are not amused? 

Many can only buy a round the world cheap ticket and enjoy eating every day seven or eight meals in a closed area in a cruise. Just like pigs in the farm. They have enjoyed eating so much. And you are more than a pig. 

Pigs have mouth only. They can only eat.

You are connectable. You have eyes and you can see. You have ears and you can hear. 
You are universal. 

                         *Leechard Asks*

9148  What if you are connected  20171118

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