Letters in Chinese

李察通訊 Letters in Chinese


all my killing

and i kill you 
( A new lyric for the Beatles song: All My Loving)
*the numbers here stands for the scores; 
for example :
 432   3456   are  Fa Me Re ,  Me Fa So La.......(Close your eyes,  and I kiss you)


432  3456
close ur eyes  and i kill u
71  1763
why not, not to kill you
66  654  212
you are in my way and ur gone
432  345
i pretend i am good
671 1763
do you know i am devil
66  6  6543  21
what a fool you are in hell with me 


1763  32123
with the killing,  i will go to hell
1763  32121
with the killing,  i am in the hell