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What if you are a soul?

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Leechard says:

That means you are connected. And you are not alone. 

The possibility is unlimited. 

All other things will become not important if you are conscious about the connection. 

A limited material body is powered by an unlimited soul. With an unlimited connection, you will be wiser and stronger and there is no end in it. 

If you are a soul and you are not alone, then you will have a platform in front of you and you can step up and see.

We all need a platform to see things. 

But if you are a soul; if you are powered by an unlimited resource and feel connected with other people and the universe, you will have a higher and wider viewpoint. 

You will reach the resources that are more precious then the money you can earn. It's like a gold mine. You will be rich. 

There are two connections: horizontal and vertical. 

Horizontal is your human peer. You can find connections with them. All human wisdom can inspire you if you are to accept them. That is why you ought to read and see and quest for the truth. You need to reach the best of the best in the human heart. They are your unlimited supply of resources. You will be connected. If you can find Tolstoy or Toscanini your close and inner friend, you will be in the insider circle. Many tend to refuse, as the like of Tolstoy is not the subject of practical or monetary concern. Those are ignorant people. They are everywhere. But you have a feeling.  Even one song or one line in a poem can inspire you. You are linked up internally with them.

The other connection is vertical. You are connected not only to your fellow human mind, but also to the unknown universe.

You have ears and you can hear. There are voices from the unknown always. Only the very clean mind can hear them. 

Doctrines were created by man. People tend to setup rules. They forbid and do not allow different kinds of thoughts and connections. But your own direct connection is more important. You need not a middleman. You know what is good and what is bad from your inner mind. Miracles are possible. Doctrine people always deny miracles. They have no connection. They are Pharisees. They love money more than God.  Keep away from them and you will have your own miracle. Divine help is always available to the soul people, not the doctrine people. It is extremely important to have a quite time every day. You will have connections.    

                         *Leechard Asks*

9147  What if you are a soul?  20171109

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