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What is the soul of democracy?

Every thing has its inner and outer side. In the case of democracy, if we could view it from the inner side, much of the problem would be clear.

One question:

Drone usage.  Do drones eliminate terrorist or produce them?

According to a report in 2013.7.3. from the BBC, “Drones Strikes are a source of severe tension between the US and Pakistan. It is estimated that between 2004 and 2013, CIA drone attacks in Pakistan killed up to 3460 people.  About 890 of them were civilians and the vast majority of strikes were carried out by the Obama administration, research by the Bureau of Investigative Journalism said.”

And the feelings are not easily obtainable from the West. What would be the direct result of such attacks? It is hatred.  And hatred is the fuel for terrorism.  Drones are doing a very bad job; they are counter-productive, achieving the opposite result. 

Another example.

19 brave firefighters killed in central Arizona wild fire.  They have nowhere to go suddenly, and were buried into the fire. In the most urgent moments, will there be a drone coming to help them? Will there be some kind of robotic tank, carrying water cannons and different sorts of heavy machinary, running to their help? Will there be rockets, water carrying CO2 bombs, bomb into the bushes and eliminate the fire quickly? 

All answers are negative. As all the drones and rockets and tanks are to create fire, not to eliminate fire. Yet they are too far away, not in Arizona, but in Pakistan.

And the question remains:

Why do wise political people do opposite things always? Are they not wise enough?

We need to look into the soul of democracy.

It is something happened deep in the soul of democracy.

Democracy is external structure people put into their group behavior.  It all depends on the group mind, or we call that a soul, or HTS (human thinking system).

Leaders usually act according to the frame of structure. The smarter they are, the more wrong they would be, if the soul were misleading.

The US is an important example for this. Deep in the bottom of the Declaration of Independence, there is NO true equality, and the spirit of it is the traditional kind:  Eye for eye (it is so called justice, not to be argue with), and the word “hatred” is omitted, as well as the word “love”, however, omitting love, is to allow “justice” to be done without other consideration, as the common passion of human love is excluded. It says that life, freedom, and the right to seek pleasure are self-evident. What does self-evident mean? It means a truth doesn’t need proof. But it might have missed a lot other rights, for example,

The right to seek not pleasure but truth, and the right to love and to be loved are also self-evident.

Deep in the minds of the early American, they simply couldn’t view things from a universal view, and to love even your enemy is out of the question. You need only to beat them.

Why is terrorism so difficult to handle?

Spirit of hatred is the reason. And drones are just the tools for creating more terrorists, not less.

We are talking about the souls of democracy, and that is seldom mentioned. People just like to talk about the “mature” kind of democracy. It seems the structure of democracy could develop from a naïve kind to a mature kind. But if you can see the soul inside the structure is decisive, you will search painfully for a better view for it.

We all need a change. To change what? Our soul.

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