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What is the inner problem with democracy?

I wish to write something about the “inner problem” with democracy. But I hesitated.  It is the reason why you can’t find me for the last two days in the blog. For I don’t know how to draw the inner picture.  I searched my memory, and searched my old book. I had mentioned a song in the chapter about “in and out” in “Zhuangian Theory”( A book in Chinese in my blog), but still it is not easy to explain what is “in”. Perhaps“in” is not definable. However, I will try to explain what is “in”.

If you cut an orange into two, can you find the “in” in the orange? No, still it is external side of the orange, you can cut it into four, or eight, or sixteen, until you can cut no more. Haven’t we reached the “in” of the orange? No, still we are in the external.

Then what is “in”?We know what is “in”, but cannot define it.

Only by sometime, you can reach the “in” with your mind.

“In” is something to communicate with. Use your mind, and you can reach the inside of something. Use your eye; you can reach only the external side.

How do I know the inner side of the orange?

By closing my eye.

Some people can use no mind, but eyes only. They have no intuition to see things, they have no love to reach minds, and they are crippled inside.

Here is a song by John Lennon. I used to doubt, whether it was exactly this song that had irritated the killer to kill him. 

“Cripple inside”

You can shine you’re shoes
And wear a suit
You can comp your hair
And look quite cute
You can hide your face
Behind a smile
One thing you can’t hide
Is when you’re crippled inside

You wear a mask
And paint your face
You can call yourself
The human race
You can wear a collar
And a tie
But the one thing you
Can’t hide is when you’re
Crippled inside

Well now you know that your
Cat has nine lives babe
Nine loves to itself
But you only got one
And a dog life ain’t no fun
Mamma take a look outside

You can go to church
And sing a hymn
Judge me by the politics
Of my voice
You can live a lie until you die
One thing you can’t hide
Is when you’re crippled inside

Lyrics by John Lennon revised by Leechard
(The original line was “Judge me by the color, Of my skin”)

And now, do we know what is “in”?

Yes, it is very easy. By closing our eyes, we can know what is it. And to close the eyes, is to use the inner strength within ourselves. We will not know how strong we are until we have reached inside and felt our inner energy.

And now, what is the inner problem with democracy?

Democracy is only a slice of the bread. It is only part of a process. It is only part of the complete course of human life.

Democracy, or any other kinds of Xemocracy, Yemocracy, should be a complete process of a group of human beings. Democracy should care about not only the political problems of the being itself,but also all problems of the human life itself.

Human life is not only living.  Living is a temporary word, there must be something higher then living: For example, achieving. We the group of human beings are not living for itself, but for a kind of total achievement, though the final aim of the achievement might not be known, but a better democracy should have the function to keep that in its working process.

Older form of democracy deals with only a small part of the problem: power and its distribution.

But a Newer form of democracy should deal with the complete process of the human life. We shall call it New-mocracy.

New-mocracy should have the power to seek a possible path, the power to rebirth itself, and the power to keep itself healthy and clean.

The inner problem of democracy is in its short span. It cares too little. It cares for only a slice of the whole living process.  For a slice of something, the soul is severed and not complete. The real inner problem is in its soul, or lacking a soul.

What is the soul of democracy?

It must not be greed, or hatred, or selfishness, or pleasure seeking………..

We have almost reached the inner problem by discovering the next question:  What is the soul of democracy?

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