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Desire nothing and you are strong, is it true?

No, it is not true. Desire nothing and you are gone. Definitely gone. 

Keep away from your desire, is the traditional teaching of Confucius, though it is never really respected by the Scribes in the Chinese ruling class. It is only popular in the rural areas. The peasants were living humbly and in extreme poverty, yet they never dare to desire anything.

To be a human being, we are born to have some desires. We need to have food, we need to have sex, we need knowledge, we need to communicate, and we need to do something. These are the desires given to us by the divine power. Desire is not a bad thing, greed is. Nothing is too much when we share, and nothing is impossible when we dare.  

How dare we are?

Yes, with a little faith, we dare.

What is faith?

To believe something from within, knowing what  to do, is faith.

People with a faith, is stronger.

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