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What is the internal view of the Modern World?

From the external point of view, the modern world has got a minimum of conflicts.  All major conflicts are settled; there will not be a 3rd world war, definitely.

And the modern world is fairly developed. People use mobile and airplane to communicate. There are uneven situations, but the uneven situations will not produce large conflicts. As all conflicts are minor. Terrorist attacks just proved they are unable to start a bigger war.

But the decisive factor is not to be seen externally. It’s all there within.

People at one time had great fear of using up all petroleum in the earth. And pollution, and economic crisis are always there, threatening everyone. Keep the machine working, is the hidden outcry of the leaders. There must be enough work for every one, and the markets must be open at all cost.  

But the most sensitive minds are never at ease. They have felt something. They knew there are big eruptions hidden somewhere, though no one could tell what is that.

If someone tells you, the mathematics and sciences are like petroleum, will one day be used up, and can handle modern problems no more. What do you think? Will you think that is absurd?

Not only mathematics, but also literature and art. May be the failure of art is more easily seen. Just go into any modern museum and you will see the emptiness of mind there. And please open a poem book (if you can find one); you will justify the same phenomenon. However, to find out the failure of modern science is not so easy. But you can just compare, to compare the different approaches of the Chinese, see how they see the inner world of the human body, and universe. You will eventually be convinced; there are different kinds of brains. Some left, some right.  And it needs much effort to turn the external eye into internal wisdom.

The Chinese? One would have different impression. The pollutions and all sorts of funny tales are strong convincing forces that make people neglect the actual things happening there.

And one more important fact is, the Chinese themselves do not know what is going on too. They are thinking more or less the same with the West. Keep the market and every moving part of the society moving, keep up the figures and every thing is ok. The Chinese themselves just simply cannot know what is going on in the Chinese medicine, they cannot tell you why. They are just doing according the teaching of the ancient books. May be it is true that the ancient Chinese did had seen some alien wisdom and preserving them until now.

The Chinese are seeking the Western technologies as eager as it could be.  And they seldom try to see it internally; there are no major outbreaks in the Chinese mind, up till now. They are sitting comfortably in the fault lines of something important, yet they are not aware. Some of the Chinese are trying to embrace Confucius, thinking may be it could help to fix the social conflicts and keep the active minds at bay. But Confucius is nothing to do with the ancient wisdom. Confucius was a “modern” (to compare with the real ancient times) clever man; his main concern was to help the ruling class to rule. He knew nothing about the original wisdom of the ancient wisdom. And the Chinese are as ignorant as ever. Glimpse of light come from the ancient culture itself, not the polluted modern Chinese land.

What is the internal view of the Modern World?

I would say, wisdoms are drying up as the petroleum. Modern sciences are same with modern art, can handle modern affairs no more.

The modern world is decaying internally, yet it is glamorous from the outside.

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              By Leechard