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Soul searching……… Where is my soul?

This is not a proper question. We should ask:  Where is Our soul? We have lost our grand soul, since an unknown time. We have huge crime rate, we cannot find peace on earth, we are poor, we are poor materialistically and spiritually both.

Where is our soul?

If found, we will have peace, and we shall be rich, rich in spirit, and have enough money.

Where is our soul?

Soul is in Love, soul is in Wisdom, and Soul is in God.

What is love?  Love is one. When we can see the oneness of the universe, we would love our neighbors as well as our enemies.

What is Wisdom? Wisdom is to admit the holiness of truth. Never tell a lie, honor the truth, we could find the way.

What is God?  God is one.  God is in us, and we are in God. There must be God in a proper soul, without a God, a soul is not a soul. To search a soul, is to search for God.

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