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What is the message coming from the Thai cave?

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Twelve boys and their foot ball coach were trapped in a cave in North Thailand accidentally. It had created a huge concern all over the world. Numerous people offered help. It seems the boys were not strangers, but close relatives of every one. The issue had last for three weeks, and it made us think of something about human nature.

We are living in a place not so pleasant. Its dangerous and unsafe, and sometimes ugly. Many people consider themselves lonesome. Many are living alone and dying alone. The cases of lonely death arise sharply in many countries.  

Can we expect to live in a place like outside the Thailand cave, where every one is busy working to help the needy, and every one is friendly to each other. And I would think three weeks are too short and the place too small. Can we build a big community big enough to accomplish every one?

That is a temptation difficult to resist. However, Utopia was proved a failure. Utopia can happen briefly in a short time in a small place, but it cannot last. It is very difficult to understand, when human nature is proved to be so nice, but the wish to keep it as an everyday practice never succeeded.

What is the meaning hidden here?

And there were so many theories to explain it. Though I cannot see any one is practical enough to be successful.

And you will find finally that the most important part is not in a theory, but in a strong and wise leadership. Plato had talked about the concept of a philosophy king. It was also a funny joke. As any good leadership could only be the fruit of a wise culture. And the event in Thailand was also one.