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Sorrow of the Candle

Sorrow of the Candle

The Candle had been enjoying burning, now his wax was almost finished.

He was upset.

The old man said: “you have been working for a long time, now you might need a rest. “

The Candle said: “Where is my light? Where are they? ”

The old man said, “Your light has been useful to so many people. Don’t you remember?”

The Candle said, “Yes, I remember. But they had never come back.”

The old man said, “You want them back?”

The Candle said, “When people were with me, I was happy. They were singing, dancing and sometimes reading in front of me. I miss them. I am so lonely.”

Wax tears of the Candle were dropping like rain. The old man found the Candle was crying, he said, “Why are you crying?”

The Candle said, “I can’t stop my tears. I miss my friends. No one is coming back.”

The old man said, “Me too. I miss them. “

The Candle said, “People used me to mark time, now my time is gone. If I cannot have my friends back, can you help me have my time back?”

The old man said, “Well, time is……..”

The Candle said, “Please don’t tell me what time is. Sorry I am not that smart to understand it. I just want them back. I want all my teachers, my friends, my dad and my mum back. Oh please, I am so lonely.”

The old man said, “Do you have a pencil?”

The Candle said, “Yes.”

The old man said, “Please write down their stories, they will be back in your memories.”

The Candle looked at the old man. He wanted to give it a try. As the old man had explained to him, there is no time and space in stories, he might bring back his treasure ones.

The Candle was quiet for a long time. He has got no wax to weep now. We didn’t know whether he was happy or not.

And we have observed an irrelevant episode here. The Candle had lost a chance to know what time is, as he had refused the old man. He will be happier if he has got the idea of time.
(to be continued)

A note from the author:

This is the 5th of my 13 stories in my new work, and it is not being published now. Its title:
13 stories.  Hope you will be interested.