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What is the difference between a nature and a culture ?

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If we know the difference, we will be different. We can bring the world into peace a bit faster, if we know the inner secret between nature and culture. 

What is a culture?

Culture is the product of human, while nature is the product of another thing.

You would say, nature is the product of nature, or, nature is the produce of a super nature, or to put it straight, nature is a product of an alien, or a God, or a creator of the nature. Nature can be a product of anything, but not a product of our culture.

From the issue of The Thailand cave rescue in 2018, we can glimpse a patch of light for our future.

We can see that people were completely concerned about the fate of 13 strangers who were trapped in a cave accidentally. For a period of three weeks, people around the world were eagerly watching the news from Thailand, hoping for the safety of them.

Is it out of cultural behavior, or out of the original human nature?

Cultural behavior could be artificial. And most of the human behavior were just products of ancient designs. We are acting to the teachings of our ancestors who might or might not be right. We can see how the Indians or the Chinese or the Jews think and act according to a certain pattern of artificial culture setup.

However, there must be a human nature which is not biased by the culture setup governing the human behavior.

What is human nature?

From the issue of the Thailand cave rescue, you can see them.

So what?

We had had our confidence on human back again, knowing there is a hope ahead of us. We were just like the boys. We were trapped in darkness for too long. Now we can see a light ahead. And we know life is deserving. We shall obey the call from our inner nature, if we feel something unnatural from our culture setup which is bounding us most of the times.

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