Letters in Chinese

李察通訊 Letters in Chinese


May I have my time back?

(continued from  Sorrow of the Candle)

....And it came a child.

The child liked to play with wax. He gathered the wax tears with a little knife and made them burn again.

The Candle groaned. He hadn’t expected such a turn. Though he knew it quite well, there were children everywhere. And fires were persistent. They shall be burning.

The Candle asked again: “May I have my time back?”

The old man said, “You knew my answer long ago.“

The Candle said, “Is it still valid?”
The old man said, “Yes, definitely yes.”

The Candle said, “Then you will not say no to me?”

The old man said, “I will not say no. And your possibilities are not limited.”

It was at this time a group of young people came. They cleaned the place and put on new candles, drinks and lots of chairs, tables. They are going to celebrate something.

They lighted up new candles from the old candle.

The Candle was happy. He was very happy. He had new life and new friends again.