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What is the next stage of our evolution

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Many people claimed they have special abilities. Some of them could be seen and proved. Like some have soft limbs. They can bend their body into a ball. And some claimed to have unknown connection methods. They can see through walls. And some people have the ability to foresee events. They know what is going to happen. More claimed to have a special sense. They will know someone is looking at them at their back. If you admire a lady from behind, she would suddenly turn to see there is an admirer. It must be the feeling stimulated her senses.   

In the long ages of our evolution, what will come next? Will there be a time, the senses of a human being become the basic tool of every one, all human beings have got an inner eye of the senses? Yes if we are to have evolved a third eye, it could probably be an inner eye.  We will expect a smarter future in the ages to come.

Actually the most important feature of human beings is wisdom.

Would it be that we shall all become wiser to know the problems of the human kind?

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