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What is the difference in Qi and Electricity?

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What is the difference in Qi and Electricity 20180618

I would like to note some of my personal observations about qi.

First and the most difficult part about Qi, is that the qi is controllable within living bodies only. Not every one can control qi. But an experienced person can help others to stimulate the flow of qi. 

Can it go outside a living body like electricity? Up to the present moment, I can only see that qi could be pasted from one body to another body, and even from or to plants and pets. It seems that the energy of Qi can only travel between living bodies but not metals, rocks or inorganic compounds. Qi may not lit up a light or push an engine. But I am not sure about it.  

Secondly, Qi can be induced by outside energies.  Needles can induce qi, and the heat of burning weeds, and even a hairdryer can induce qi. I am using the word "induce" here, but I do not have any measure of it. I cannot tell how much qi within a body was induced. I can only observe, if the suitable qi was induced, then the related illness can be healed. 

Thirdly, electricity can induce qi. If you put a electrically charged metal point on the body, you can feel the far away meridian points are reacting. And this is a question need to observe: could qi and electricity be combined and mixed? And what is the relation between the two energies?

Fourthly, the meridian map of qi in the human body were mapped by ancient scholars. It was not known who had discovered qi first, or who had prepared all the theories about qi. However, it was known how the qi flows within the body. If the flow is smooth, then every thing is ok. If the flow is blocked, illness follows. So keep the rivers of qi flowing were important.   

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