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Can anyone steal trees from America? 20180626

9173  Can anyone steal trees from America?  20180626

The trade war between China and United States could be expressed in the following three concepts:

The soil, the tree and the fruit.

People only noticed the tree and the fruit.  

The problem is can you remove a tree from one country to another?  The Chinese were not only buying fruits. They brought trees. They brought the whole factory from the States to China, and produce American fruit in China.

Its seems ok for every one at first, as long as the Americans were happy to sell the trees. 

And it is very natural that finally they found it not good to sell trees. 

It is up to the Chinese to think every thing over. 

Should they pursue a similar tactic to buy trees? 

Why don't they grow their own Chinese trees, and sell the Chinese fruits to the world?

And this is extremely important. It seems the Chinese have never realize they have a very good soil too. And trees are from the soils. 

And the Chinese had been well aware that to grow a tree need ten years time. It cannot and it should not be brought overnight.

It is a long way for the Chinese to go.  They have to realize the nature of their own soil first. We expect they could have a change. 

(An old question raised 7 years ago)

What makes America products competitive ?
(Quest No.8249e                   2011/10/05)

In my view, America products are competitive in their advanced culture. The American has been leading the way for the last two hundred years. They have the most advanced airplanes, space ships, computers, mobile phones, etc. These kinds of products are very competitive. Apple had opened two new stores in Hong Kong and Shanghai last week. They proved people like American products; people are willing to pay more for them; not a little more, but a lot more. People queued over night for new products coming from America. 

Why the American people have a better technology, while the others have not? Even the Europeans like the Nokia, or the Asians like the Sam Sung can hardly complete with them. Why?

In my view, this remains a culture secret.

An apple tree grew in the soils of America, if removed else where, like Japan or Korea or China, will never has the same good apples on the tree. The tree is but the tool of the soil. The apple is from the soil. The iphone 5 is from the soil. And the soil is the western culture itself. And the culture is in the minds of every American. Or we can say the iphone 5 is from Benjamin Franklin, from Abraham Lincoln, from Thomas Edison, from Martin Luther King, from John Lennon and etc.

The Japanese, the Korean, the Chinese all bought trees from America. They hired American scientists and engineers, but can they produce the same good apples? Obviously not. They can buy the tree, but they can never buy the soil. If hot competition is coming in the future, people should watch out for products from the other soil, not products from the relocated trees. 

And many of the America competitive power is hidden, for they have not put all their products to the market. You can never buy a stealth plane, or other higher secret military product from the market. That means, the Americans have not shown all their might in competitiveness.

Competitive power is from the inner core of the culture itself.

Now, from the Global edition of the New York Times yesterday (2011.10.4.), we saw comments from Paul Krugman. He said, "…we need to make American product more competitive, which in practice means that we need the dollar's value to fall in terms of other currencies…."

May be he needs to reconsider the real inner power of the competitiveness of the American culture.

A note from the writer: 

The writer has been back to Hong Kong from mainland China since June 25th, 2018.

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