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How fast can the Chinese pick up science?

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The U.S. is trying desperately to limit the quick development of science elsewhere in the world, especially China. 

And indeed they were successful in many ways. 

Technologies were locked up and scientists killed, though the U.S. knew it perfectly well that science is not to be monopolized. It could be developed like uncontrollable wild fire. 

However, science in the whole world have not been achieving fast. It is completely not the fault of the U.S., its only that science has come to a dead end without breakthrough. 

What? Aren't they making unmanned vehicle and Artificial Intelligences now? Is it not developing very fast? 

No, they are not fast enough. It is because, they are running on the old track, and are using the old format of science.  

If you observe how a bird fly, you will agree with me. It must be completely different format of science when the creator was creating them. 

And the hint could be in the ancient science in China. Yet even the Chinese themselves did not know the inner secret of their own science. 

The understanding of the human body is completely different in China. It is more then acupuncture points. It is in "qi" the basic power of human body, and "qi" could be a more subtle form of electricity, or something out of our imagination. 

However, the Chinese were disappointing in studying their own science. 

They ought to have been achieving much more faster, but failed. 

The Chinese have been trying desperately only to catch up with the U.S. 

They have been following every path of the U.S., from the development of war planes, iphones, and now Chips or CPUs etc. 

They have never known, the Chinese science is another approachable approach for a new format of science. If they can find out the ultimate secret of the Chinese science, the whole world could be turned up-side-down.

They have not been aware that the Chinese medicine is another form of Physics, Chemistry or Mathematics, they thought it is only a convenient medical application. There have been no great finding in the Chinese medical science. They have been not successful to study the inner format. They were too busy to make fast money and to follow the path of the West. They are doing every thing the West has been doing. 

And this is the main reason why the Chinese is so slow in science development. 

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