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What is the difference of "seeing" and "feeling"

8694 2014 0730

If one could only felt something until he saw it, it is too late.

Someone had died from his bed. He was so happy, as now he can fly on the ceiling. He saw everything, he felt free. He couldn’t help to burst out laughing, when he saw his relatives around his bed weeping. “Why so sad about dying? It is so funny.” He laughed and laughed.

But it was too late. Because he has gone, could not return to tell.

The sudden feeling of the dead man, is a treasure. We wish to have that feeling to handle life.

But it is extremely difficult. We "knew" it, yet we cannot "felt" it.

It is the difference of seeing and feeling.

It is better to have felt it, before it happens.

Seeing is not believing. You can always believe, or felt something before seeing it.

Feeling is believing.

8694 What is the difference of "seeing" and "feeling" 2014 0730