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What is Philosophy?

9256xx   What is philosophy

Point 1:   We Are Souls

Philosophy meant what shall we do.  Without philosophy, we will be going back to animal state. No one can survive as human being if he doesn't know what to do.

And the problem is easy once we are sure that we are souls more than bodies.  

It must be a conviction, from the very young to the aged, that they must firmly believe that they are souls, and bodies are but the tools of the soul. Tools are your helpers, you need not to work for them, you need to keep your tools to work for you.

Just like any other animal on the planet, we need to survive. To survive we need knowledge and wisdom, which are parts of our soul. We can always survive better with a soul. We need to fight for survival like any other living creature on the planet, yet there is a higher aim of life. To survive like an animal is not enough for us. No one is willing to live like an eating and mating pig.

Eating and mating is common goal for animals. They would stop at that point. They may or may not have developed a soul.  We as a human being have more.

Why is it so important to stay in a conviction that we are souls?  Too many failed in the material world. If people are only working for a material body, they can never see the beauty of the truth, and they will be the negative force of human progress. Money oriented philosophy are the chief obstruction to world peace. They are trading everything for money, they are the causes of war. They are liars. They had never admitted their killing since the Opium War, until today.

Point 2:  To Seek and To Love

What is our final goal as human being?
It is one of the most important question for human.

We cannot answer that very question unless we are out of our present situation. It is like a fish will not know she is a fish until one day she come to live in the air and realized that she was a fish. We are the same.

One thing is for sure that if we keep seeking the true, the good and the beautiful, we will possibly find our final goal behind them. And that is a big project that we need to do it together, and that spells love.

Where does our love come from?

Love emerges in battle fields when people are fighting together for a noble aim. When we have love, we will find true and good things, and we would enjoy them as they are beautiful. Our goal will be waiting for us behind the true, the good and the beautiful.

Who else would like to seek for the fake, the bad, and the ugly? Those are people working as a slave to their bodies. Those are people who believe in capital and they would keep themselves in a bitter fight for money and luxuries and finally they will lose all happiness. Money is useful tool, but it needs not to be a slave of it.

Point 3:  Be A Real Soul

If for everything you have the conviction that you are a soul, then be a real soul.

If you are a religious person, be a real religious person. If you are an artist, be a real artist. Be a real one instead of a fake one. Be a real scientist and you will not deny your wisdom, be a real politician and you will not lie to your people, be a real business man and you will find real success.

This is conviction upon conviction. If you have the conviction that you are a soul not a corruptible body, then you will build up another conviction that you are real. This is the answer for almost all human problems. Any time if you have found you were cheating, that meant you had succumbed to the unreal bodies. Losing conviction is the reason for fear. A real soul is fearless, nothing can harm a real soul. A real soul is free. People with a conviction of their free soul create wisdom.  

Point 4:  Enjoy Life

Life is enjoyable, yet foolish people did not know this. Everything in life is enjoyable, from a breath of air to the early sunshine, any moment is memorable, if you can recall them. A glass of plain water is enjoyable, yet people are not satisfied and need a silver cup to drink and a gold toilet to flush.  Many wise people had taught us before. A gold coffin cannot put people at rest while Mozart one of the most beautiful human can only have a burial in nowhere.  A real soul needs not a gold coffin, only rotten bodies need them.

Our souls are real, the bodies are not. They are corruptible and cannot last. Only a real soul can last.

You can enjoy life with a soul. 

One important task for education is to teach children how to enjoy life. There is a beauty in everything of our life. Work is enjoyable, dream is enjoyable. Many things are enjoyable. Stupid people do not know this, they are soulless and they cannot find beauty in daily life, they can only find satisfaction in money, without knowing that ugly things can only give them fake satisfaction.

Material oriented philosophy is the source of foolishness. Yet we need them, pity them and love them. They were our yesterday. If all people are wise, then the world will be too balanced to survive.

Point 5:  To Serve and to Fight

To Serve is the most important concept about human. We must consider everything as a whole and not an individual, then we will know why we need to serve. If you are to serve the people, you must know the real reason of it. One is not only part of a whole but it is the whole. One drop of water is water. To serve is the best way of life.

We need not only to serve the people, but to fight for the people.

The world is never balanced. Negative power wants to ruin the future of our life. Without a concept to fight for the well being of the people is dangerous. All souls want peace, but the peace must be maintained in huge effort. Peace is a working goal for mankind, not a waiting goal.

The concept of fighting is extremely important. If one is not to fight for the people, then one is not to serve the people. Those are people who wants to be served.    

We are real souls.

Real souls seek the true, the good and the beautiful with love. Love emerges from fighting together. They wanted to serve the people and fight for the people. They know how to enjoy life.

A real soul is the source of wisdom.

They might possibly reach the other shore.

 a note  from the writer:

To fight means 戰鬥 or 奮鬥,
please take care do not mix up the two.