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What Are We?

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Are we dreams? This is the thought occurred to me when I was 11 years old.  I lost my mother suddenly. I was in the funeral parlor and that was a bright sunny day. The sun was so hot and bright that I could not believe it was a dream. 

If we are not dreams, then are we souls?

We are the souls which are the commander of our bodies. We know sooner and later all parts of our bodies are exchangeable. I will not be surprised if in a few years later that our whole body can be replaced. Only the souls are not replaceable. But wait, who told you that the soul is not replaceable?

If I am so rich that I can afford to buy a new body, and I am so crazy that I am not satisfied with my soul, and then I decided to replace my soul also. And the Soul Selling Company is so nice to ask me if I want to keep my memory and knowledge, I can decide to replace them together. Wow, can I know who am I ? And the shopper told me, it is easy like changing the license plate of my car. That means I can have a new body, a new memory, and a new soul. And the question remains essential. What am I going to do with my new life? Did I change my life already? If every thing is so easy, then what kind of career should I choose? Can I choose my spouse? Can I choose my parents? And one final question, can I choose my fate? And I knew that is not for me to choose, as I knew that fate is the interaction of people and happenings. That is not for an individual to decide. Then who can decide my fate? It is only by this very moment; I feel a little disappointed. If I cannot decide my fate, then one thing is for sure. Human kind is not to decide their own fate also. What will happen?

These questions seemed interesting, but they are irrelevant now. I would if I could in the future turn it into a small piece of entertainment. Some may like to know more about the fate of the poor guy who had given up his soul as well as his body, and acquired a new knowledge and memory in a new soul and new body.

Now the most important question is What Are We?

Human beings were fighting without any knowledge about themselves. They didn't know what they are and where they are. If they have a little more awareness about this, they would think otherwise. 

What are we?

We are souls more than bodies. And our souls are not unrelated. They are a great soul. They could be seen not only in space, but in time. And even in some unknown dimensions. We must be multi-dimensional. We are not the actual size of a length and width and even weight. We are living in time. All our past ancestors are actually one of us. And I guess we are connecting to some unknown source with unknown waves. That would be another dimension. You can forget about it but if you are not aware about it, you will have a bad time in the coming time. 

What does it mean by the soul?  Why do you say we are souls more than bodies? 

Yes, indeed it was observed by many brilliant souls before us. Shakespeare was but one of them. He is with us always. What is a Rose?  A rose is its perfume. 

What is a human being?  A human being is its result on the planet plus the universe and some unknown sphere.

Some of the human beings are interested in many things, they are seeking the truth, the good and the beautiful. They might have a feeling that the final results are hidden behind those items. 

Why are they doing so? 

Its because they have a feeling. They must have felt it. It is the inner feeling of love. 

If you have the feeling of love, you will feel uneasy without doing more.

To put it in a simple way, that is why we need to serve.

We are not to be served; we are to serve. This brilliant teaching is still with us. It is built inside our soul. It is my soul or your soul. 

What are we? 

We are souls more than bodies. We are love more than money. 

And I know it for sure, some might find this irrelevant. They would say so what, and go away. 

They had forgotten the most important item here. 

It is fate. 

No one can neglect their own fate. Yet they will not know it. 

Can you do something without knowing where is it and what is it?

Yes, we can. 

By our endless effort to seek and to serve, we will find it. And you are together with it already. That meant, we have found it already. The dimensional way is to see that time and space are reversable and accountable. 

We are now living in a fight. 

The United States is fighting with China and her friends, they wanted to destroy the unwanted and something unpredictable will happen. 

No matter what will happen, those with a feeling like this will win the heart of all.