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What is the impossible dream of Donald Trump

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Mr. Trump is now dreaming about a peace prize, and it is not a secret. For an unknown reason, people are delaying the announcement. He will get it sooner or later, yet people are reluctant to announce it. It is completely different from Mr. Barack Obama. Mr. Obama got the prize almost simultaneously with his inauguration date. The peace prize people did not delay it.

There is no reason given why Mr. Trump has to wait.

And he managed to have the endorsement from Mr. Shinzo Abe, the Japanese Prime Minister.

It seems now, if he had one more important endorsement, he will surely made it.

Will Mr. Xi from China be willing to endorse him?

Mr. Trump is a fast gunner. He takes action quick. However, to have the endorsement from Mr. Xi is no easy matter.

Fast gunners can take short term actions fast. However, they cannot change a mindset overnight.

He has been thinking China is a threat. And he cannot change it easily. He would take the Cheap War seriously and will never consider a stop about that. He is slow regarding to such matters.

However, if one President is not changing, another will. He had only a few years more for the impossible dream.  

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