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What will China learn from the trade war crisis ?

9169 What will China learn from the trade war crisis    20180521

The Chinese will learn many things. If the US just take away intel, they can cripple the Chinese, at least in the field of computers. And if the US take away Windows, Android, and even the operation systems from the Apple, the Chinese will have a very difficult time. 

The point is why the Chinese could not predict this foreseeable result long ago?  Why they did not write their own operation systems? And why they had allowed the Chinese made computers use the "intel inside" labels for such a long time?

When the rich new tycoons in China busy in making fast money, was there any one ever sits down and think?

And now they will learn a lesson. There are two kinds of money. One is fast and unreal. The other is slower but real. 

You need to earn your real money. 

Yet the question is a real question. Why they cannot predict the foreseeable future?

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