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What is the implication from the trade war crisis ?

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The implication for the US is simple. US is still the leading and dominating power in the world. There will not be challenge for them at the moment. China is not able to beat the US. 

And it is wise for the US people to find out the key point in the whole issue. The key point is a little chip hidden in every computer and every hand devise. And it is more then that. The chip is in Satellites and far reaching machines in the Space. It is the heart of almost every thing, yet the Chinese people did not realize it, or they had been drown in the sweet wine of lies as they were told that they are strong enough to beat the US in a very short period of time. 

It seems to be a joke. But that is a bitter joke. It is funny for the US people, but bitter for the Chinese.  

I do hope the Chinese people are wise enough to know that the key point is not in the chip. 

And it is not in science and technology. If any one tell the Chinese that it is all because they were weak in science only, that must be another swimming pool of sweet wine for them to jump into. 

It is not in science and technology. 

The weak point is in culture. 

But there seem to have no Chinese audience for such a subject. I had been writing for at least three decades about the matter. Chinese culture is right-brain orientated, and Chinese culture had been in the mind set of morals. And there were hidden rules in the Chinese moral. And the rules were only a circle of track of a train. The train could only go round and round and can reach nowhere. 

The Chinese people need to have a new insight to see into the matter: 

That if you are determined to stand up, you must stand up in two legs. One is the external necessities and the second leg is the internal mind. 

How am I to find out my mind?

I hope to have one more decade to write on. 

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