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為甚麼要讓風暴擊打菲律賓? my question for the Pope


8800x02  為甚麼要讓風暴擊打菲律賓? 20150117


教宗方濟各訪問菲律賓。他說, 他不知道怎樣說。

沒有人可能解釋: 造物者為何只讓一個地方,單獨承受打擊。

相同的問題是:為何造物者要創造毒蛇、 疾病, 還有各種難以想像的缺陷。

大約這仍然是個體思維的問題。從個體去想, 是不可能有結論的。必要從整體去思索, 才有可能明白, 造物者創造萬物, 創造的是整體而非個體。當造物者創造地球的時候, 創造的是一整個的球。而這球是需要自我平衡的。颱風就是其中的一種自我平衡。這正好就是地球賴以生存的理由。


天神代表大自然, 天神喜歡看到人類的鬥爭。而人神代表人類立場, 人神要賞賜平安給人類。人神鼓勵人類相愛, 天神鼓勵人類戰爭。

這是需要高層次了解的。要站到很高的地方, 才能夠明白。

人類面對如此的不平衡, 可以怎辦?

唯有盡情追求真理和愛, 以整體的力量, 支持自己前進。

(And my question for the Pope is:  What is the difference between five million and six million?

20 years ago, another Pope visited Philippines, and his audience was five million. Now you have six.

And I am happy with you. Because I can see you have tears in your eyes. And so does Jesus.

But still I would like to ask you the question. I hope you can go a little further.

Can you please tell the difference between five and six?

Can you bring the world out of chaos into a really peaceful situation?  Can you see that the

explanation given by the Church was wrong? Jesus didnt say trinity, and do you have a better way to

teach those  "fathers" in your Church?)

8800x02  為甚麼要讓風暴擊打菲律賓? 20150117