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Why is it so hard to resume full employment in the States?

Why is it so hard to resume full employment in the States?
(Quest No.8251e     2011/10/09)

In the old days, you could always go into the plantation and find a job. Or went into the construction site, if you were in Egypt, to help build the pyramid.

What is the difference between a plantation and a pyramid? Plantation is productive, and pyramids not.

For example, if pyramids are to be building in the States, tens of thousands of jobs could be easily created.

But it is not productive; it will soon consume all the resources and bring the country to an end.

Smart people will know immediately the problem.

Job creation is to create the whole practice. And the practice MUST bring in profit. The profit could push the practice into another round of practice, thus keeps its life, and the jobs.

I have used the term “practice” instead of “business”.

A business is self-motivated. Business will like to use machines to replace jobs. And they will remove the whole business into another country from time to time. Business is not job motivated.

A practice is human-motivated. The aim of the practice is to push the whole practice of globalization into a healthy way.

And the problem is nobody knows how. We do not know where we are going. We do not know how.

Thus, the practice itself should solve this problem first. We shall ask where we are going. We shall seek, what is our aim.

I had written something about the concept of “Labrary”

I shall write again later.

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匿名 說...

I love your distinction between practices and businesses. I have been working for a trading company in the past few years; my company sources goods for foreign retailers. Management in my company always talks about the merits of outsourced production, bringing in a lot of theories (companies can focus on core businesses and yield best results, etc) to support their thoughts.

Business is not job motivated. This is very true indeed. In fact, sometimes when I see things from the angle of my company management, I don't find them evil. But somehow, we all know, there may be problems.

We don't know how to push the whole practice of globalization into a healthy way. Or maybe we know, but we don't really want to at this moment..

Leechard 李察 說...

yes. I agree with you. May be globalization will remain unbalanced for a very long time. We humans do not know much about it.