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The Wine and the Candle

The Wine and the Candle

The Wine was horrified as he saw his own body, it was half of his body left now.

Someone hold the wine and said, ‘What a pity, I got half of my wine only.’

The Candle asked the Wine, ‘Why are you so upset?’

The Wine said, ‘I have only half of me.’

The Candle smiled, ‘Me too.’

The Wine said, ‘Why are you so happy? Don’t you know you will be gone soon?’

The Candle said, ‘You will see half of your body if you had asked the wrong question.’

The Wine said, ‘What!’

The Candle said, ‘Ask what you are, don’t ask what you have.’

The Wine said, ‘I am wine.’

The Candle said, ‘Were you satisfied being a wine?

The Wine said, ‘Yes, I made people weep, laugh and sometimes I will help them confess.’

The Candle said, ‘Are you happy with what you are?’

The Wine said, ‘Yes.’

The Candle said, ‘Me too.’

Chinese version of "The Wine and The Candle"